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Here comes a recording of Chinese children song

"家族歌 - Jiā zú gē (The family song) ".

Enjoy it!

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Chinese Children' Songs /Nursery Rhymes
Chinese Children's songs

Learning Chinese through songs is a fun and efficient way. This site contains lots of well-known Chinese Children' songs /nursery rhymes. For example:

家族歌(Jiā zú gē)  (can be translated into "Family Song")
新年好(Xīn nián hǎo) (can be translated into "Happy New Year")
两只老虎(Liǎng zhī lǎohǔ) (can be translated into "Two tigers")
小星星(Xiǎo xīng xing) (can be translated into "Little stars")
爱我你就抱抱我 (ài wǒ nǐ jiù bào bao wǒ) (can be translated into "Love me then hug me")

All of these Chinese children songs/ Chinese nursery rhymes with lyrics, Chinese Pinyin and English translation are easy to learn and you and your children will catch on quickly.

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Chinese Tongue-twister
Chinese Tongue-twisterTongue twister is an expression that is difficult to articulate clearly, as is composed by words of similar pronunciations but different meanings.

It is always an effective and funny way to improve one’s pronunciation in every language.

For Chinese tongue twister, it has its own peculiarity. That is the four tones.

If you have learnt the initials, finals, and the four tones, make a bold try these Chinese tongue twisters.

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